Capturing Notes During Your Course

Capturing Notes During Your Course

When you are in a lesson of a course that you have purchased, you have the ability to take notes. You can then download these notes as a PDF or Word document.

Once in a lesson you will see a flashing blue icon in the bottom left of your screen. It looks like this:

After clicking the icon, you will see a popup. It's this popup that will allow you to capture notes:

Give your note a title and then add your notes into the editor. You can close the popup and re-open it to add to your notes.

Your notes are per lesson and not per course. So, if you move onto the next lesson in your course, you will find that the box is blank. Head back to a previous lesson, you'll see your notes from that lesson.

After adding notes, you will see the button changes and you will see a PDF icon and a Work Icon. Clicking these will allow you to download a copy of your notes for that lesson.

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